Single in the South: Dating Options Part I by Chasity Boling

In case the name of my blog doesn't give it away, I am single. And, I am in the South. I am 31 years old and at times, it feels like I’m the last single person on earth. In the south, it may seem unusual for a woman to be single at my age. Traditionally, women are considered old maids if they aren’t married with two kids by the age of 25.


I admit that it can be discouraging at times, especially when all of your friends have gotten hitched and are starting to have babies, and all the while I’m still here feeling like the kid that gets picked last for kickball. On top of that, there are the dreaded questions like “When are you going to settle down?” or “What are you waiting for?” Well friend, if I knew the answers to those questions, I wouldn’t be writing a blog about being single. I know folks mean well but let’s be honest; those questions get old really quick. It almost feels like this has become more of a filler for when the awkward silence starts to creep in. For some reason, the go-to conversation starter has become “what are you doing now?” or “are you seeing anyone?”

It’s not like shopping; I can’t just walk into a store, pick out an attractive guy, and lead him to the counter. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Boy, wouldn’t it be fun if it did? It takes time and doesn’t always happen as quickly as we would like. There are times when I think maybe I am just not the ‘marrying kind.’ And then there are times, like now, that I am grateful for the singleness. I am learning more about myself and the kind of person/spouse that I want to be, which in turn, shows me the kind of person/spouse I want.

I am still a hopeless romantic and fairly confident that Mr. Right will come and whisk me off of my feet one day. Until then, I am enjoying all of the fun that comes with dating and being young (ish). Dating is definitely not what it used to be. With new technology, there’s Internet dating, which is all the rage right now. There’s speed dating, which I plan to experience in the near future and report back. And of course, there’s blind dating.

There’s much to be said about each of these dating opportunities; so stay tuned as we explore "Dating in the South" soon.