Single in the South: Dating Fun - Part II by Chasity Boling

Blind Dating in the South ...


Are blind dates really "blind" anymore? With the Internet and social media, you can pretty much learn everything you need to know about a person. You can see what they do for a living, what they look like, how many mutual friends you have, and more. You may even find some things you wish you hadn’t, like a throwback photo of when someone thought cargo pants were a good idea. In a way, finding this information is a good. You get a small glimpse into a person’s life to see what kind of people they associate with, what kind of events or hobbies they enjoy, and even which sports teams they support. On the other hand, this can also create sort of a "judging a book by its cover" attitude. You can’t base a person’s entire identity on their social media posts, but it does give you a pretty good idea of what kind of person they are.


If you have "Facebook/Instagram/Twitter stalked" your date ahead of time, (which let’s be honest, most of the time we do), is it really considered blind? I don’t know about you but I have some friends whose stalking skills could be a great asset to the CIA or other investigative agencies. They can tell me anything I need to know about someone in a matter of minutes. It’s a little freaky how someone with little social media presence can still be found online. After you or your talented best friends have fully stalked the fella and you decide to pursue the blind date, what happens next? I’ve been on my fair share of blind dates. Obviously, none of them progressed into happily-ever-after, since my blog is named Single in the South. 

But agreeing to go on a date with someone you have never met can bring up a lot of questions. Do you meet at the restaurant to avoid him knowing where you live? Do you offer to pay for dinner? Do you order what you want from the menu or try to keep it light? What do you wear? First impressions are important so you want to dress to impress, right? What kind of personal questions are too personal? Do you ask about family or religion on the first date? Do you lean in for a kiss at the end of the date? You don’t want to come off too forward. Do you give him your number and agree for him to call you again? These are a few questions that swirl around in my head when I prepare for a blind date.


Once you get past these questions and actually go on the date, it can be pretty fun. If nothing else, you can be proud for putting yourself out there and meeting someone new. A couple of my best male friendships all started with a blind date. However, I will say that there are times when the date is terrible and gets real awkward, like when they actually take you up on your offer to pay for dinner (what!?!). The answer to the question: "do you give him your number for another date?," automatically becomes a negative when that happens.

The bottom line is that you never know where a date can lead, blind or not. I always try to keep an open mind. And now, even if the date goes south, at least it gives me more humorous material to share with you all, right? 

I love hearing fun date stories, good or bad. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have one to share.